Are We Sweet Enough? Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Campaign

Are We Sweet Enough? was a dynamic team of youth leaders from Daly City and South San Francisco committed to increasing access to healthy foods and healthy beverages, specifically focusing on sugar-sweetened beverages. Communities of color have much higher rates of obesity due to much higher access and consumption of sugar sweetened beverages such as soda. Are We Sweet Enough? youth advocated with the Daly City Council for an ordinance that required food establishments in the 2 cities to provide water as the default option for Kids meals.

Victories included:

  • 2014: YLI youth met with elected officials from Daly City and South San Francisco who expressed mixed feelings about the SSB tax, and with local merchants who would be the most economically impacted by the tax. This prompted youth to facilitate merchant interviews with 7 small business/ corner merchants that reside near schools.
  • 2013: YLI hosted 2 youth of color-led community forums in South San Francisco and North Fair Oaks, mobilizing and collecting critical input from 50 local youth to lead the charge on building healthy communities.