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White House Council for Community Solutions Launches National Effort to Put Disconnected Youth on Pathways to Education and Work

Advocacy | André Morand | Wednesday January 25, 2012 9:41

On Tuesday, the White House Office of Community Solutions announced the launch of a national effort to put disconnected "Opportunity Youth" on pathways to education and employment. The Youth Leadership Institute is proud to serve as a partner in this effort, leading the engagement of Opportunity Youth.

We've provided some key excepts below. The full text of the release can be found here.

"In response to President Obama’s challenge to the nation to help every young adult find a pathway to long-term economic success, The White House Council for Community Solutions today announced it will join a diverse coalition of partners to launch a 100-day initiative to unite all citizens to go “All In” for youth..."

"The Council will with Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) to communicate directly with young adults disconnected from school and work – and ensure that their voices and views are central to every community town hall-style gathering. YLI will identify local youth ambassadors – who effectively illustrate the potential Opportunity Youth offer to the nation when barriers to school and work are removed from their path – to serve as spokespersons and partners for this effort..."