In addition to working directly with governments, local community based organizations, and other institutions, YLI shares best practices by

participating in conferences across the country.  Conferences allow youth-led initiatives to be reviewed side by side with traditional adult-led research and community initiatives.  YLI youth and staff have extensive experience presenting on their own work and facilitating conference sessions related

to youth engagement, and community building.


HOPE SF Public Housing at APHA’s 143rd Annual Meeting

Tobacco Density Ordinance at APHA’s 143rd Annual Meeting

Youth Led Campaigns to Prevent Underage Drinking National Prevention Network Conference

Youth Philanthropy Connect Northwest Regional Gathering

Bay ED Summit


Nutrition is our Tradition Marketing Campaign: A Youth-Led Marketing Campaign to Improve Health in San Francisco at APHA’s 142nd Annual



Stopping Tobacco Industry Tactics (STINT):  at APHA’s 141st annual Meeting


Increasing community access to healthy foods: Scalability and sustainability of the corner store makeover approach At APHA’s 140th Annual Meeting

Youth Action Research to improve school climate and safety for LGBTQ at APHA’s 139th Annual Meeting