HOPE SF Youth Leadership Project

HOPE SF was the nation’s first large-scale public housing revitalization project to prioritize current residents while also investing in high-quality, sustainable housing and broad scale community development. HOPE SF Youth Leadership Project (HOPE SF YLP) engaged youth ages 15 – 19 interested in shaping the redevelopment and community building processes to re-envision the lives of youth across HOPE SF sites. The HOPE SF YLP utilized our youth-led action research strategy to train youth leaders to engage with their peers, site leaders, and Initiative partners to prioritize the needs and wellbeing of youth across all public housing sites through a policy lens. The HOPE SF YLP engages youth through a culturally-relevant, safe, and accessible space to raise young people’s consciousness, develop their leadership skills, enable them to listen deeply to their peers and other residents through research, and help them engage meaningfully with HOPE SF Site Leaders with data driven recommendations to support community wide policy solutions.

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