Nutrition Soldiers

sanmateoNutrition Soldiers was a food justice campaign that aimed to increase nutrition, provide physical activity education, and address access of healthy foods for the community residents of South San Francisco. Communities of color and with lower income levels have less healthy food options leading to obesity and diabetes. In a Photovoice image of an empty refrigerator, one youth wrote, “This is the reality that many of us face every morning when we wake up. This photo shows that a lot of us don’t have food in our fridge. Since I don’t eat breakfast at home I go to school hungry.” In a survey that YLI youth conducted with Baden High School, over 50% of students felt tired, grumpy, and have stomachaches, which may be contribute to loss of focus and poor grades in school.



Victories included:

  • 2015: Nutrition Soldiers partnered with South San Francisco Unified High School District Nutrition Services to improve packaging for meals for better taste and quality at Parkway Heights Middle School.
  • 2014: Nutrition Soldiers developed Photovoice projects with data-driven recommendations to change food systems at Baden Continuation High School. Based on these recommendations, students and their adult allies provided workshops in Spanish to support parents in completing their free or reduced lunch applications.

Nutrition Soldiers Photovoice (PDF) Nutrition Soldiers Infographic (PDF)