BLING past funded project summaries are available for download:

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Building Leaders in Innovative New Giving (BLING) is YLI’s newest youth philanthropy program in San Francisco. Young people living in San Francisco can apply for mini-grants of up to $5000 for their own projects. BLING is using a social justice model which aims to engage youth in critical thinking to fund and support youth-led projects that directly address important issues and inequities affecting San Francisco youth and their communities. BLING. engages youth leaders ages 13 – 17 interested in building youth power to address inequities through philanthropic giving. This strategy is led through popular education approaches, meaningful youth-led action research, and decision making that is accountable to youth across SF. Together, youth grantmakers and youth program officers fund $60,000 annually in two grant cycles. In addition, BLING youth leaders work directly with funded projects to ensure their impact and sustainability.

BLING mini-grant applications are available each fall and spring.

For more information about participating in BLING, contact Erika Céspedes,

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