Daniel Garibay

Daniel Garibay (They/He) was born and raised in Zamora, Michoacán. He immigrated to the United States when he was 11 years old with his parents and two brothers for a better education and life, leaving his family members and friends behind. He did not speak a single word of English. He lived in Sacramento for one year before moving Delhi in the Central Valley, which became his new home.

Daniel graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A in Data Science (Class of 2020). After working for a year in corporate America, self-learning about different social and economics justice topics and getting involved in his community, he decided to move back to the Central Valley.

After the murder of George Floyd by the police in 2019, he wanted
to act and seek justice, so he and comrades from different towns in the 209 area code decided to start a collective called Blooms of Liberation. The organization is dedicated to the liberation of all people by committing to a lifetime of anti-racist work – and beyond – against all systems of oppression.

On his free time, Daniel loves going to the gym, being outdoors, playing soccer and hanging out with friends specifically. He is humorous, outgoing and compassionate, and is passionate about health, politics, math, justice and technology. He loves to travel, and like how Jack from ‘Titanic’ said: “life’s a gift and I[he] don’t intend on wasting it.”