Erron Harris (he/him)

Erron (He, His, Him) was born and bred in South Central Los Angeles. As a teenager, inspired by his faith and love for community, he discovered the power of local neighborhood advocacy by joining YEP (Youth Empowerment Program). YEP is a program created by World Vision that mentors, trains and encourages young people in the U.S. to lead positive change in their communities. Invigorated by the opportunity, Erron walked away with a deep belief that youth from the hood could make extraordinary changes in their neighborhood if given the platform to speak from. 

While in college, Erron received the opportunity to work alongside youth at the World Impact Teen Center. He spent years involved in youth empowerment and leadership projects developing curriculum as a Program Lead and eventually becoming the Executive Director. Humbled by his time with the Teen Center, Erron sought the opportunity to expand his scope of advocacy and development by serving on behalf of and alongside the unhoused populations from Orange County all the way to Skidrow as a Collaborative Case Manager.

Erron is zealous about seeing community transformation and elevating platforms for those who are marginalized. Other than advocacy work and being curiously optimistic about the future, Erron spends his time with his wife and his kids gallivanting on adventures from Yosemite to Disneyland, playing basketball, and enjoying Float Therapy.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

~James Baldwin