Hilary Lianne (they/them)

Hilary (they/them) hails from the East Coast, and has been living in California since 2020. They studied fashion merchandising and marketing in college, and landed in the retail world after graduation. There, they worked their way up to overseeing stores in five states, which involved taking on numerous HR responsibilities, such as full-cycle recruitment, payroll, and paperwork.

After burning out from corporate capitalism, Hilary wanted to devote their time and energy to the nonprofit world and transitioned into an HR role in 2016. They worked for a research library in Washington DC for six years before joining yli in 2022. And while they don’t engage directly with youth, Hilary is enthusiastic about supporting yli and its teams who are doing such important work in the community.

Outside of work, Hilary loves to create and learn new things; they enjoy sewing and designing clothing, dyeing fabrics, photography and portraiture, and most recently, learned bookbinding. They also love skateboarding, roller skating, the ocean, live music, and visiting with friends. Hilary is also a passionate (but not judgy) vegan, and spends their work days beside their two black cats.