Itzel Estrada

Itzel is a graduate from San Francisco State University with a degree in Sociology & a minor in Latinx Studies. She is a self-identified queer Latinx activist who fights to include the voices of the communities that have historically been silenced. As the daughter of immigrant parents she has experienced the systemic oppression marginalized communities continue to face. The experiences of her family & community have fueled her passions for environmental & social justice.


As a former youth participant in YLI’s Health Equity program, the Community Action Model (CAM), Itzel worked to organize against Big Tobacco’s predatory strategies that target youth & low-income neighborhoods. Through her participation in CAM, Itzel became passionate about creating autonomous communities through grassroots organizing & movement building with young people leading the way. She now leads the CAM program and is working in partnership with young people to create systemic change against Big Tobacco’s minimum pricing & price promotion strategies in San Francisco.