Jen Ramos

Jen was born to Filipino immigrants and raised in Merced, becoming a lifelong resident with temporary stints in Oakland (Mills College BA ‘15) and Los Angeles (University of Southern California MS ’16) before becoming a professional freelance journalist. They interned for the San Jose Sharks and SFist during their undergraduate education and interned at the Center for Investigative Reporting post-graduate school. Following receiving a masters in journalism, Jen worked in sports journalism as an editor for Fox Sports Engage, a contributor for SB Nation, and freelancing at baseball publications The Hardball Times and Baseball Prospectus.


Jen is currently a Program Coordinator for We’Ced Youth Media, the type of job they listed on their grad school applications as their dream job, especially working with youth of color and LGBTQIA youth. In their spare time, they are still involved with baseball as a member of the Baseball Prospectus statistics team and prospect evaluation team; co-producing and co-hosting The Hardball Times’ podcast; and as a co-creator for a networking group for non-cismen in baseball analytics to find pathways for women, trans folx, and nonbinary folx into MLB front offices. They are often busy, but dedicated to passing the mic to those from underserved and marginalized backgrounds.