Paulina Rojas

Paulina (they/she) is a first generation Dominican-American born and raised in New York City. They obtained a journalism degree from The University in Houston. 

 In 2016 they joined the Eastern Coachella Valley team. During this time Paulina has been able to further develop their two passions: storytelling and being able to help youth to realize their true potential. Paulina is also passionate about creating safe spaces for LGBT youth & adults in the Eastern Coachella Valley. In 2017 Paulina was one of 20 emerging nonprofit leaders chosen to participate in the Next Generation Leaders of Color Inland Region, a year-long leadership development program. In 2019, they obtained a professional certificate in nonprofit management from the University of California Riverside. 

Paulina is an avid Kpop stan and has been learning Korean for the past few years. Paulina takes her East Coast & Caribbean roots with them no matter where she goes.