Paulina Rojas

Paulina Rojas is a first generation Dominican American born in New York City and raised in Houston. Paulina comes from a family of avid readers and was always surrounded by books growing up. This is what inspired her love for storytelling at a very young age. 

In 2014, Paulina graduated from The University of Houston with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Spanish. During her undergraduate career Paulina completed internships at The Houston Chronicle and Las Vegas Review – Journal. Paulina also earned a certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of California Riverside. In 2017 Paulina was one of 20 emerging nonprofit leaders chosen to participate in the Next Generation Leaders of Color Inland Region, a year-long leadership development program.

Before becoming part of Coachella Uninc., Paulina spent a year working as the East Valley reporter at The Desert Sun. This experience was Paulina’s first introduction to the community and it helped shape how she approaches the work she leads today. 

Since coming on board at Coachella Uninc., Paulina has dramatically increased the program’s social media presence and visibility. Through her commitment to inclusivity and representation, Paulina has spearheaded storytelling campaigns to uplift the narratives of the entire Eastern Coachella Valley including but not limited to African Americans, Afro Latinos, the Queer community, and Indigenous community. Paulina’s holistic approach to authentic and equitable relationship-building with youth has created a space where youth are always empowered and never tokenized. 

Paulina is trilingual. She is a native Spanish speaker and also has intermediate fluency in Korean.  

Paulina is also a poet and active member of The Dominican Writers Association. Her work is being published in the forthcoming Ritmo Que Late: An Anthology of Submissions During 2018 NaPoWrimo. 

Paulina has lived in The Eastern Coachella Valley for the last five years and is grateful to have found such a wonderful comunidad to call home.