Samantha Ramirez

The daughter of Central American immigrants, Samantha grew up in Marin County, California and attended Venetia Valley (named Gallinas at the time) for elementary and middle school. She then attended Terra Linda High School and graduated in 2007 from San Rafael High School. During high school, she worked with the Marin County Youth Commission. She went on to City College of San Francisco where she was a member of the first cohort of the Metro Health Academy. In 2012, she received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from San Francisco State University.


Samantha has worked for Huckleberry Youth Programs in their health education and college access program, Wellness Academy. Since Fall, 2014 she was the Site Coordinator of Venetia Valleys LEAP after school enrichment program serving 87 students from 2-5th grade. She is extremely familiar with the experience of students of color in Marin and loves being able to work in the same community she grew up in. In her free time she is an avid Zumba dancer and enjoys mountain biking and eating Amicis. She has an 87-year-old Grandpa that lives in El Salvador and she was able to visit him 3 times this year! Samantha runs Student Advocacy Council groups at San Ramon Elementary, Hamilton Middle School, and Sinaloa Middle School. She also runs two Club Live Chapters, one at Hamilton Middle School and one at Davidson Middle School for newcomer students.