Sophia Bautista

Sophia Bautista was born in Davao City, Philippines, but is a daughter of Fresno, California. She majored in Political Science and Labor Studies at UCLA. As an undergraduate, she conducted research with UCLA’s Center for American Politics and Public Policy on de facto educational segregation in her hometown, Fresno. She also authored a report with the UCLA Labor Center on how COVID-19 impacted student interns’ political values, as well as a research brief on the pandemic’s effects on the material conditions of student workers. In addition, she worked with UC Davis’ Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies as a Research Intern, conducting qualitative data analysis on Filipino American healthcare workers and examining the colonial relationship between the Philippines and the United States.
Prior to transferring to UCLA and as a community college student at Fresno City College, Sophia was an organizer for March for Our Lives Fresno and the Dolores Huerta Foundation. Her work led to being invited to present with organizations like the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Latinos for a Healthy California, and the Yosemite Peace Symposium on the importance of centering youth in digital organizing strategies. After graduating, she spent some time in Morocco working as an English teacher. Currently, Sophia also helps with educational programming for the Feminist Center for Creative Work, working at the nexus of intersectional feminist praxis and art.
Outside of work and school, you can find Sophia drawing flash tattoos, writing poetry, playing the electric guitar, dancing, and staring at all the books she’s bought but hasn’t read yet. Sophia is excited to bring her full Capricorn self to yli, working to pull those in the margins and make them the center.