Yante Turner

Yante Turner is an openly Trans & Queer Black change agent of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With his background in community care and trans liberation work, Yante serves to uplift, support, and advocate for the diaspora of Black Trans people. His passions lead him to wear many hats and have a role in the world as fluid and open as he is. His many roles and hats include working as a Full Spectrum Doula for queer and Trans BIPOC, providing labor support care, abortion advocacy and radical love.

Yante dabbles in community defense and safety task force where he works to create safe communities for queer and Trans BIPOC. He is a facilitator of all the things Trans, Black, Healing, joyful and challenging. Creating affirming spaces that also foster continuous learning are important factors in Yante’s work, as the fight to decolonize, strip white supremacy from our communities, and love radically stand at the forefront of his work and life. While previously being employed at Diverse & Resilient, Yante’s experience with youth work expanded and grew into a passion for youth advocacy and relentlessly supporting radical youth movements.

Yante joins our TCS team as a Trainer & Consultant. You can find him nose deep in a book or a garden bed, traveling and experiencing the world, eating food he has no business eating, and caring for his zoo of animals! He has an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon, and a Virgo Rising!