Coastside Youth Council

Coastside Youth Council (CYC) is made up of three distinct programs in Half Moon Bay and Pilarcitos high schools, and currently has approximately ~50 youth participants. Most of these youth hail from working-class communities, immigrant families, and first-generation college backgrounds. They organize community service opportunities, advocate for safe and healthy environments, and work on policies that benefit youth. CYC is part of Friday Night Live (FNL), a statewide organization that addresses underage substance abuse.

Read their Finding Waves Making Changes 2015 Findings & Recommendations (PDF)

Underage Drinking

Friday Night Live – a statewide effort to reduce youth access to alcohol – engages youth at Half Moon Bay High School to work on Social Norms Campaigns, which challenge young people’s perceptions around underage drinking. By collecting from their peers through surveys and other research tools, youth show that drinking isn’t nearly as prevalent as it seems and use positive messaging to encourage healthy activities. 

Through this process, youth gain leadership, community building, and networking skills. Half Moon Bay High school students are invited to join our meetings every Monday at 12:30pm using this link

For more information, contact Rubi Salazar: [email protected]

Housing and Transportation

This group emerged out of the Transportation Equity Allied Movement (TEAMC) – a countywide effort that drove the recent passage of Measure W, which will raise money for equitable and environmentally conscious transportation projects for years to come. Their role in this campaign included conducting research on youth needs and representing youth voice in the coalition. They are now focused on affordable, transit-oriented housing for underserved communities in Half Moon Bay.

For more information, contact Margarita Vasquez: [email protected]

Product Placement

There are so many ways that alcohol is advertised to youth, and one of them is product placement. When alcoholic beverages are placed near products that attract youth, like candy and other non-alcoholic beverages, for example, there is a higher likelihood that youth will be drawn to those products. Youth at Pilarcitos High School have developed a survey to better understand merchant awareness around placement of alcoholic products. Based on the survey results, they’ll build out a campaign to encourage merchants to re-think the layout of their stores.

For more information, contact Rod Spikes: [email protected]

Climate Action Adaption Plan

In addition to these ongoing programs, yli has been contracted to represent youth in Half Moon Bay’s Climate Action Adaptation Plan (CAAP). In June 2019, we were awarded a grant of $12,500 to partner with Half Moon Bay High teachers to present to over 500 high school students about the impacts of climate change. Following the presentations, we held a series of focus groups and collected surveys to gather data on youth priorities related to the impacts of climate change in Half Moon Bay.

For more information, contact Adam Wilson: [email protected]