Half Moon Bay Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live (FNL) is a statewide organization that addresses underage substance abuse. At yli, we take a social justice lens to the work, shifting the focus from individual behaviors to the larger patterns of injustice that target young, low-income people of color and encourage unhealthy behaviors. By helping youth identify issues in their communities, conduct research, and implement media and policy campaigns, yli doesn’t simply deter young people from substance abuse – we help to shape powerful advocates who create lasting change in their communities.

Half Moon Bay currently has two programs at Half Moon Bay High School and Cunha Intermediate School. Most of these youth hail from working-class communities, immigrant families, and first-generation college backgrounds. They advocate for safe and healthy environments, and work on policies that benefit youth. 

Read their Finding Waves Making Changes 2015 Findings & Recommendations (PDF)

Friday Night Live Half Moon Bay

Youth in Half Moon Bay High School work on Social Norms Campaigns, which challenge young people’s perceptions around underage drinking. By collecting from their peers through surveys and other research tools, youth show that drinking isn’t nearly as prevalent as it seems and use positive messaging to encourage healthy activities. Through this process, youth gain leadership, community building, and networking skills.

At the end of September 2021, Friday Night Live Coastside Youth Council completed their most recent positive social norms campaign by busting perceptions through these posters. See the data at bit.ly//CHKSCUSD.

Half Moon Bay High School students are invited to join our meetings every Wednesday at 12:30pm via zoom – you can sign up here!!

For more information at Half Moon Bay High School, contact Rubi Salazar: [email protected].

Club Live Half Moon Bay

Club Live is an extension of the successful Friday Night Live program and is aimed at middle school students. Cunha Intermediate School, which serves youth in grades 7-8th, is located in the center of the Half Moon Bay community. The nearby corner store, which students frequent for snacks before and after school, is filled with alcohol signage. The impact of this kind of messaging on youth is a prime reason to implement high quality underage drinking prevention programming through Club Live.

For more information, contact Rod Spikes: [email protected].