Interns, My Brother’s Keeper

  • Stipend
  • School Credit
  • Community Service/Volunteer Hours
  • Authorship on Publications/Letters to the Editor
  • Transportation Reimbursement
  • Grant/Scholarship

Fresno Boys and Men of Color (BMoC) is a community of young leaders who heal, advocate, and serve to make a healthy home for all. As a cohort member, the Fresno BMoC My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Program Interns will work in partnership with Fresno BMoC Staff to focus on their personal development and holistic growth as leaders. Through building foundational skills in reflection, storytelling, and self-care, the Fresno BMoC MBK Program Interns will be equipped to work with BMoC staff, community partners, adult allies, and peers to carry out youth-led advocacy campaigns to improve the health outcomes of young people living in the City of Fresno.

There are 6 internships currently available. Interns will be expected to participate in BMoC General Meetings, a monthly workshop and Healing Circle, and one-on-one mentorship from staff. Advocacy campaign responsibilities include research, coalition-building, campaign planning, coordinating community actions, etc. Interns will be supported by Fresno BMoC Staff, adult allies, and peers and will receive training in youth-led advocacy.

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