Pupukahi i holomua Youth Leadership Summit with the County of Hawaii

YLI can support you to unite youth from across the county, state, or country with a life-changing Youth Leadership Summit.

That’s just what the youth of The Big Island of Hawaii experienced in working with YLI. Sixty youth and their adult allies gathered at Kilauea Military Camp in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for a two-day intensive Youth Leadership Summit, hosted by the County of Hawaii Mayor’s Office and facilitated by the Youth Leadership Institute.

The summit, named Pupukahi i holomua (Working Together to Move Forward), provided the group with fundamental training in youth leadership skill building, civic engagement and creating healthier environments.

Highly motivated and inspired by the summit, the youth quickly adapted what they learned into action plans for their individual communities, including a “Role Models Not Bottles” PSA imploring adults to act responsibly and not serve alcohol to minors at social events. 

“What really got to me was that these are regular kids who recognize that they have the power to make a difference in their communities.” – Clarysse Nunokawa, County of Hawaii



Community Assessment: Photovoice

High schools in Marin County, California, partnered with the Youth Leadership Institute to foster positive social change by using the creativity, knowledge, and life experiences of their students to address issues that affect them: education equity, and school and community climate.

These young people used photography and dialog to critically examine their community’s assets and needs and shared their powerful images and stories with the community during a reception in a local art gallery.

This is Photovoice. With support from The Marin Community Foundation, and Artworks Downtown, YLI guided youth as they used images to express their feelings about their communities, and learned how to use those assessments as a starting point for change.


From Our Partners And Clients:

YLI helped us by providing practical training in implementing community-based environmental prevention strategies for coalition members from a variety of backgrounds. This training was invaluable to getting everyone on the same page.

  • Alyce Jennings, Director of Development, Community Partnership of Summit County

Following the training, those that attended from all across
 the state had a better understanding of the importance of
 using evidence-based prevention strategies for long-term and sustainable change. The training also provided an opportunity for open idea sharing, relationship building and created a solid foundation for the group to move forward collectively and collaboratively together for sustainable and long-term change on this issue in Nebraska. In short, it helped the group to see that our coalitions can be far more effective together than we could ever be alone.

  • Nicole Carritt, Executive Director, Project Extra Mile

“YLI worked closely with us to tailor the trainings to the unique structure of our coalition. We appreciate the professional staff who are flexible, work well with a variety of personality types, and are quick to adapt the training as the need arises. YLI’s trainings have motivated the community coalition and provided a focal point for implementing our environmental strategies.”

  • Siskiyou Substance Abuse Coalition

YLI helped us by providing comprehensive support and training on youth-led advocacy initiatives and helping to guide the implementation process of an advocacy-action campaign. The result was the ability to create and realize realistic yet powerful goals together as a collaborative of organizations, youth and educators. I found the experience extremely rewarding because it embodied powerful youth development work that is truly youth-centered and based in social justice.

  • Eva Holt-Rusmore, Program Manager, Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands, Community Foundation for Monterey County

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