Eastern Coachella Valley

The Eastern Coachella Valley (ECV) is a rural, unincorporated area in Southern California with a thriving community, which includes indigenous folks, Purepecha community, immigrant communities, and the queer community.

Youth in the ECV are aware of the issues going on in their community and they continue to advocate for their community through storytelling. 

Coachella Unincorporated and ¡Que Madre! Media are two youth programs based in the ECV. Coachella Uninc. started in 2011 and was the first youth media program based in the ECV. ¡Que Madre! Media launched in 2018. 

Both programs support young people to identify the root causes of systemic issues in their communities and to uplift their own stories to bring about positive change.

Current Programs

Timeline of Wins in Eastern Coachella Valley