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¡Que Madre! Media supports young womxn of color, ages 15-25, in the Eastern Coachella Valley (ECV) to uplift their stories and the stories of their communities. The program also provides opportunities for direct advocacy on school climate through our participation in the Alianza Community Justice Campaign. 

The program empowers young people to navigate mental health challenges including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety and relationship issues through storytelling and advocacy. We believe in a wholistic approach to mental health care that is rooted in community care practices. We prioritize partnerships with culturally competent mental health experts and mental health care providers. 

Youth-Led Storytelling

Young people engaged in ¡Que Madre! regularly produce multimedia content that is reflective of the intersectional issues their communities face, including mental health, school climate and community justice. Youth content is published online through our website and on our instagram account. Youth narratives are also shared in our regularly published print magazines.

Community Justice Campaign

In 2020, ¡Que Madre! joined the Alianza (formerly Building Healthy Communities) Community  Justice campaign in an effort to improve the learning environment for young people and their families and caregivers. As a campaign, we support with LCAP transparency to ensure funds are budgeted to reflect the priorities of young people, restorative justice implementation at schools that can allow young people to have better relationships with their peers, teachers and staff. We also collaboratively host Restorative Justice Circles for young people to offer space for young people in the Eastern Coachella Valley to come together and build community.