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Timeline of Wins in Statewide

January 1, 2008 · 

Smoke-Free Cars Adopted

June 30, 2002 · 

California Adopts Smoke-Free Playgrounds

June 29, 2002 · 

California Passes Smoke-free Workplaces, Restaurants and Bars

October 5, 2001 · 

National Youth Philanthropy Assessment Completed by YLI

With funding from the James Irvine Foundation, in 2001, YLI conducted the first scan and assessment of youth philanthropy at a national level. At this time, youth philanthropy gained momentum as an integrated strategy tool. Programs from across the country inside government, community foundations, private family foundations and independent schools began to seek YLI’s support … Continued

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August 1, 1991 · ,

Youth Leadership Institute Opens Doors in Marin