Youth-Led Resources on COVID-19

Young people and communities throughout the world have been impacted by COVID-19. Exacerbating existing disparities, the virus has touched almost every aspect of their lives, from health to education, from housing and food stability to mental health and social-emotional development.

Their resilience and determination during these unprecedented times has led to a wealth of resources – created by youth, for youth – that help to uncover and address the myriad challenges of this moment.


Ray Catacutan, Lily Vang and Collin Lee explore how Trump’s responses to COVID-19 stirred xenophobic violence in this Youth React series.


Program Manager LJ Mariano encourages us to wear a mask!



Hosted by youth reporter Rachel Livinal, COVID-18 explores the impacts of COVID on high school students in Merced, California.

Surgical mask with the words COVID-19 across it. The number 19 is crossed out in red, and the number 18, with a graduation cap on it, is written above.



Atwater “sanctuary city for businesses” resolution met with mixed reactions, resistance