Justice Platforms

Since yli’s founding in 1991, young people in our programs have led thousands of storytelling and policy campaigns for positive change. Using their deep, first-hand knowledge of their communities and the social justice lens sharpened at yli, these youth have identified and addressed a myriad of social issues that impact them.

We have a different kind of consciousness, openness – we have a broader scope for understanding each other. From what I see, we’re a lot more open minded, inclusive, and willing to fight to make sure we can be ourselves.”

Our youth – perhaps better than any generation before them – know that oppressive systems do not operate in isolation, and their campaigns reflect their deeply intersectional analysis. At the same time, identifying key issues allows them to build strategy and zero in on specific targets, and so our young people are currently focusing on six primary movements: Economic, Education, Environmental, Gender, Health, and Racial Justice. 

The Justice Platforms will forever be a work in progress, in constant revision to better reflect and articulate the vision for a just world that our youth are working to bring into being.