Training & Consulting Services

At the core of yli’s Training and Consulting Services is the belief that just, equitable systems, organizations, and programs can only be achieved by actively including everyone’s voice — especially those that are most often left out.

Our array of innovative trainings draw directly on the powerful youth leadership programming we have developed alongside our youth leaders. These field-tested trainings provide organizations of all types and sizes with the tools and skills they need to authentically engage youth voice.

Training Services

To ensure the highest quality experience, YLI customizes our training and consulting services to meet your group’s unique needs. Our trainings are interactive and incorporate a wide range of training tools and techniques to accommodate diverse learning styles. Trainings can be adapted for youth, adults, or youth and adult groups.

Topics include:

  • Foundations of Youth Development
  • Youth Leadership Development
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth
  • Organizational Development for Youth Participation:
    • Youth representation on Boards of Directors
    • Youth Advocacy Councils
  • Amplifying Student Voice in the Classroom
  • Environmental Strategies for Positive Social Change
  • Policy Advocacy:
    • Youth-led Action Research
    • Strategic Action Planning for Policy Campaigns
    • Media Advocacy
  • Program Evaluation Strategies

Cursos en español

YLI is proud to offer culturally competent monolingual Spanish and bilingual Spanish/English trainings, ensuring that coalition members, volunteers, parents, and youth feel welcomed and empowered to make changes in their communities.

El Instituto Liderazgo de Juventud ofrece cursos en español. Para mas informacíon, mande un correo electronico a Yammilette Rodriguez: [email protected]

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