Yante Turner

Yante Turner is a fierce facilitator with a knack for joy at the forefront of his training & consultant role at yli. With six plus years of grass root organizing under his belt, Yante hopes that his commitment to community liberation and radical practices emerge from every pore of his work. Yante works to create high level, just and visually pleasing trainings to captivate people into change, reaching and centering communities like: BIPOC, immigrant, Trans and queer and other minority communities. Yante has expertise in transformative justice, trauma informed care work, conflict resolution, youth leadership and philanthropy, Black queer feminism and youth and adult partnerships. 

Yante’s specialities include Community Based Building, Transformative Justice, Racial Equity, and LGBTQIA+ informationals & skill shares.

Fun fact: Yante has a zoo of animals! With a whopping 10 animals living in his home, from cats to snakes and the occasional farm chickens!