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Is your organization looking to develop a program for addressing underage drinking in your community?

The Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA) is listed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP) as a Model Program. It is based on field-tested research and uses community organizing and advocacy to reduce youth access to alcohol. As the exclusive national trainer for CMCA SAMHSA Model Program, yli is here to help! 

How does the CMCA model work?

Many prevention programs continue to draw on the 90’s-era DARE “just say no” approach, which targets individual behaviors.

Overwhelming evidence shows that this approach doesn’t work. On the contrary, it has profoundly exacerbated the problem by targeting — and then incarcerating on a massive scale — Black and Brown people across the country.

Programs based on this model send home the message that young people who drink are “bad,” and use the threat of punishment to scare youth away from drinking and drug use rather than looking at why — and how — they are using in the first place. The concentration of these products in low-income communities of color is not a coincidence: the industry’s marketing strategies aggressively target youth in these communities in an effort to keep people drinking and keep the industry’s profits growing.

The CMCA model — which focuses on the environments that encourage risky behavior — emphasizes authentic youth-adult partnerships, and sets the stage for a cascade of positive community-wide outcomes that do far more than deter individual youths from substance abuse.

By actively involving young people in assessing and addressing substance abuse in their communities, the model develops the confidence, knowledge, and skills young people need to advocate on behalf of their communities for a lifetime. What’s more, the policies they enact alongside their adult allies create positive changes that reduce substance abuse throughout their communities.

Why partner with yli?

yli is experienced. Drawing on over 27 years of youth advocacy experience, yli has developed powerful strategies for equipping youth and their adult allies to lead positive social change within their communities.  

yli is youth-centered. With a focus on partnering with community organizations, coalitions, and public health departments, we work closely with young leaders and their adult allies to ensure that youth voices and perspectives are included in discussions and result in active policy changes.   

yli is international. We have trained over 220 rural and urban communities across the globe with our interactive workshops to positively impact the lives of youth and our communities. The program can be implemented by a range of groups, from  grassroots volunteer activists, to nonprofit organizations, to public agencies of any size.   

yli’s training approach  

yli trainings are interactive and inclusive. Our Popular Education and Small Group training techniques are hands-on, support co-learning, and are inclusive of different learning styles, levels of experience, education, languages, and understandings.  This allows groups to skillfully employ strategies that elevate diverse voices, encourage relationship-building, and stimulate community dialogue and change.

yli trainings result in action.  Our 2-day and 6-day workshops build the capacity of organizations and coalitions to put prevention strategies into action.  Participants leave our workshops with a plan in hand – and the confidence and tools they need to implement it.

yli provides post-training support.  Our post-training consulting supports coalition members as they implement core CMCA program components and integrate youth development best practices in recruitment, retention, and authentic engagement of young people and community influencers.

CMCA training & consultation packages

yli conducts both a 2-day overview training and 6-day intensive training.  Trainings cover the fundamentals of the CMCA model, including community-organizing tactics that lead to local policy change, an introduction to CMCA evaluation strategies, and best practices for engaging youth in CMCA efforts. yli also offers customized training and consulting services for youth leadership development and mobilizing youth-led community change.

For more information about yli and our training and consulting services, please contact April Hoogasian  at [email protected] or 559-492-8255.

El Instituto Liderazgo de Juventud ofrece este curso, Comunidades Movilizando Para el Cambio Sobre el Alcohol, para la prevencíon de alcohol en nuestras communidades. Para mas informacíon, mande un correo electronico a Yammilette Rodriguez: [email protected]

CMCA was recently added to the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare (CEBC). Visit the site to learn more about the goals and efficacy of the CMCA model program in addressing underage drinking, access the CMCA peer-reviewed research articles, and more.