Yami Rodriguez

​​Yammilette “Yami” Rodriguez graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration, Marketing from CSU, Fresno and has her Masters Degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies from Fresno Pacific University. She has a Credential from Fuller Theological Seminary in Urban Youth work. Yami has Doctorate in Public Policy from West Chester University and her dissertation “Factors Contributing to the Success of Rising Latino Leadership in Central California.” 

Yami has a background in the non-profit sector, policy advocacy and higher education for over 20 years. She been with Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) in the Central Valley since 2009.  She works to have youth voice at the table in community issues especially in making positive policy and social sustainable change in our communities. During Yami’s tenure as Director she expanded the youth development program work in Fresno and launched the Merced Office and Madera programming.  Some of the examples of youth-led projects include underage drinking prevention, healthier corner stores, healthy advertising and healthy eating, access to parks, access to youth jobs and youth civic engagement campaigns in Fresno, Merced and Madera County.  

Yami and her husband Jim Rodriguez live in Fresno have two beautiful daughters in elementary school, named Lizette and Juliette.

Yami’s specialities include Uplifting the natural talents of youth, adults and teams and managers by using the tool of CliftonStrengths as a certified coach and using her policy background to lead trainings on policy change, youth advocacy, working with decision makers, serving on boards and commissions, youth-led community change campaigns, and more.