Coaching & Consulting

yli offers virtual coaching services for adult allies via Zoom or phone. Coaching sessions are implemented in 30-60 minute sessions for up to once a week. Our coaching methods and services are designed by our staff Master Certified Professional coaches.

yli coaching sessions support individuals to:
Foster competency in effective youth allyship, Build confidence and skill in implementing strategies
that support equitable youth and adult partnerships, Forge a deeper connection to one’s own leadership style and values as it relates to sharing power and leadership with youth, Develop a greater self-awareness for the ways adultism manifests in our partnerships with youth, and techniques for dismantling adultism

“The coaching we received from YLI will be instrumental in ensuring we include the youth’s voice from the beginning of program implementation. We were also provided the tools to continue assessing their involvement throughout the program. I found this coaching very insightful and helpful.”

Tivoli Walker, MPH, CHES, Director of Local Policy, Stockton office, Public Health Advocates

“The coaching we received from YLI has been extremely beneficial. I have learned how to remove myself from the decision-making process and ensure the decision-making process is youth created. I am also thankful for the tools to assess the youth involvement and youth leadership throughout our program.”

Chris Cannon, M.A. Program Manager Public Health Advocates

I enjoyed my coaching sessions with Yami so much! Not only is she incredibly warm and kind, but she is also so insightful and helped me work through my Strengths Finder results by teaching me how to maximize my strengths and improve on the deltas of those strengths in my professional and personal life. I was able to reflect and think deeply about my current job and future. I learned about self-care and advocating for myself. A year after my coaching sessions, I am continuously reflecting on my experience and attempting to apply my learnings to everyday life. 

Nicole Levy, Senior Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, Jim Joseph Foundation