Vaccinate All 58

In early 2022, yli launched a program to encourage communities across California to get their COVID-19 vaccines. Based in 6 counties, the program targets communities where vaccination rates lag behind the state average, overall and for youth under 18 specifically.  These primarily rural communities have had huge caseloads of COVID-19, and vaccine rates reflect vaccine hesitancy and inaccessibility of the vaccine to communities who lack transportation options and secure employment hours.

yli’s decades of experience in these communities show that young people from the community are the best messengers for these vulnerable populations. Messaging produced and disseminated by youth will increase youth awareness around benefits of vaccination, will reduce barriers to accessing vaccines and resources and will increase youth participation in vaccination efforts.

During the first phase, youth produced a variety of powerful content, from podcasts to TikTok videos, to billboards and printed resource guides. Browse some of the content created by youth leaders in Madera, Merced, Fresno and statewide below.

Rep559 – Vax 58 Zine by Youth Leadership Institute

VAX58 Phase 1 was so successful that yli was awarded funding for a phase 2, to be led by youth in Riverside, Los Angeles, Fresno and Madera counties. Starting in October of 2022, youth will create culturally and linguistically appropriate content, which will drive attendance to the mobile vaccination clinic planned for each site. yli will also develop a cohort of media-trained young people to act as spokespeople to invite youth to get vaccinated at different community events and various local media outlets.

Interested in Joining?

We are recruiting youth in Riverside, Los Angeles, Fresno and Madera counties to participate in our program! For more information on how to join, click the following links:

  • Eastern Coachella Valley
  • Long Beach
  • Fresno
  • Madera