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  • School Credit
  • Community Service/Volunteer Hours
  • Authorship on Publications/Letters to the Editor
  • Transportation Reimbursement
  • Grant/Scholarship

Calafia is yli’s statewide youth policy journal that amplifies the narratives of young people on topics and issue areas important to them and their communities.

Calafia Fellows are selected every year from each yli office to create and edit the issue’s theme and the stories presented. They are also mentored by experienced reporters, travel to statewide and national media conferences, and learn the steps to producing a printed publication.


In 2023-2024, Calafia fellows created the podcast, False Promises: the Chasm between Home and Hope to uplift the voices and experiences of people impacted by injustice.


HOT OFF PRESSES: Calafia’s newest print publication, False Promises: the Chasm between Home and Hope!! Download your copies in English and Spanish below, and fill out this interest form or contact Jarret Ramones at [email protected] to order your FREE print copies. Calafia’s past issues have focused on youth criminal justice reform, educational equity, and addressing stigmas within communities of color – the issues are available for download below!

Interested in Applying?

Are you a yli youth leader between the ages of 16-22, who is passionate about storytelling and policy change? Applications for the 24-25 Calafia Fellowship will be opening in Spring 2024.

Sign up here to get updates on upcoming orientation meetings and application information! 

Over the course of 9 months, you’ll be expected to:

  • Attend one, 1 1/2 hr meeting per week
  • Meet with media mentors
  • Conduct research and interviews
  • Complete several journalistic assignments that will be compiled into a print and digital pub

The program will run from September 2024 to May 2025.

Stipends: $240/month ($15/hour for ~16 hours of work/month)

Youth with some prior experience (and/or a whole lot of interest in) in journalism, storytelling, personal narrative and/or creative writing are highly encouraged to apply.

Read the Latest Calafia Stories

The Reality of Life As A Motorhome Resident in the Bay Area

yli is My Story

It’s essential to be a good neighbor to people who are struggling economically. People living in a motorhome are often ignored and vilified. It’s so important to see them as humans, and to see them as your neighbor. They are somebody’s child and they have a family, just like all of us.

Foothill Gold Line Bursts Suburban Bubble

yli is My Story

Glendora is no longer the self-imagined Shangri-la, protected from the discomfort and unattractiveness of wealth disparity, that many of its settled-in residents have always conceived of it as.

A Voice from Gaza

yli is My Story

When I tell you I have hope, it’s more of a wish that this all ends very soon and we can go back to our homes in Gaza City if it still exists. I can’t speak about hope now. I can only be wishful about my family returning back home eventually and being safe right now.