COVID-19 Response

In December of 2020, the ECV office launched this project in response to the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on our community. This two-pronged strategy involved:

Riverside County Youth Task Force 

A county-wide task force aimed at bridging the gap between youth voices and decision making spaces. Our meetings are centered around gathering feedback from youth and ensuring their opinions are uplifted in various community-building organizations and conversations. This is supplemented by hosting multimedia workshops and training sessions.

Covid-19 Fellowship

Our COVID-19 Fellowship was created as a response to the discrepancies between the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic in the different communities of the ECV. It is a multidisciplinary space in which 5 youth from all areas of the Eastern Coachella Valley create various storytelling projects based on their lived experiences and impacts to their lifestyles during quarantine and throughout the pandemic.