Betting On Our Future

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YLI San Mateo County has teamed up with the youth from the North County Youth Collective of the Daly City Recreation Department Teen Services Unit for the BOOF campaign, other wise known as Betting On Our Future.  BOOF is an awareness campaign to expose the issue‘s of youth problem gambling that includes an opportunity for you to develop tools that will be used by other youth groups though out the state.

8 members of the North County Youth Collective are participating on the 2011 BOOF Team.  Their mission is to create a 3-5 minute video and 30 seconds PSA on youth problem gambling with the help of BAY CAT by May 31.  In order to successfully complete this project the youth have been trained to use photo voice research and filming in order to answer this question: What are the root problems of youth problem gambling in Daly City?

The final 3-5 minute video will be showcased in Anaheim, CA June 20-22.

For more info on North County Youth Collective or BAY CAT check out these links: