YO! Mateo attends Youth Advocacy Network’s 12th Annual Youth Quest in Sacramento

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On Monday April 4, 2011 our YO! Mateo group took a road trip to Sacramento for the California Youth Advocacy Network’s 12th Annual Youth Quest.Youth Quest: California is at the forefront of the tobacco control movement due largely to the efforts of its youth.  Youth Quest is a valuable experience for youth to learn not only about tobacco issues affecting their peers, but also about community involvement and political participation.  This event offers teen participants an opportunity to network with other youth advocates from around the state and gives groups the opportunity to meet with their state legislators to discuss the importance of youth involvement in tobacco control.  (http://www.cyanonline.org/)

The youth of YO! Mateo had the opportunity to take a tour of the capitol building and learned the history and significance of Sacramento.  Most importantly YO! Mateo was able to speak to California State Assembly member Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) about two campaigns that YO! Mateo has been working hard on: Healthy Neighborhood Stores and Smoke Free Hollywood.