Fresno on TV for #mysoberswag billboards

Campaign Victories

We were just featured on ABC news. Learn about our #mysoberswag billboards in Fresno!

With back to school season just around the corner, summer is coming to an end for many young people. To start their summer advocacy work, The South East Neighborhood Transformation Team (SENT) youth created and launched 5 healthy billboards and they are currently wrapping up their summer community outreach work on underage drinking prevention. Through out the summer, the youth have been meeting regularly, received leadership training, and prepared for their community/parent meeting.

On August 9, 2015 the SENT youth presented about their research and work at their community/parent meeting. During the meeting, the young people sent a message to parents and local community members urging them to sign a pledge to join their efforts in creating a healthier and safer community in Southeast Fresno. Their primary message focused on the effects negative advertising and the saturation of liquor outlets have in Fresno community. The SENT youth recognize that negative advertising and the saturation of liquor outlets are one of the root causes of violence and underage drinking is in their neighborhood. Southeast Fresno Police Lieutenant Garza publicly showed his support for SENT’s advocacy work and also spoke about the police department’s recent efforts to reduce crime in the area.

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the work is done for the South East Neighborhood Transformation Team. This summer season was a great time for the youth to spread their message through community outreach, but this fall semester they look forward in moving their policy recommendations forward.

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