Documentary Made By YLI Marin Youth Leaders Hits the Airways!

Campaign Victories

The YLI Marin Team is pleased to share that a documentary that was produced and promoted by the Marin County Youth Commission’s Education Equity Advisory Committee is about to be aired on public television.

Last year, the 2014-2015 Education Equity Advisory Committee created a documentary focused on disparities in public school education here in Marin. The documentary– “Beyond the Surface: Educational Inequity in Marin”— is a youth-created film highlighting educational inequities in Marin County’s school system and outlines what actions need to be taken to ensure a future where every student has access to the same high quality of education. It features interviews with experts in the field and local students. Everything about this project was youth lead. Youth did the research, scheduled the interviews, and produced the film.

This year’s Education Equity Advisory Committee have now been working on heavily promoting the film and are moving forward on some of the solutions highlighted within it. This is a terrific milestone in their efforts.
The documentary will be aired on the following dates:
  • Mon    1/4/2016    7:00:00 pm    Channel 30
  • Sat     1/9/2016    5:00:00 pm    Channel 30
If you don’t have access to Marin County tv, it will also be simulcast online, so when the documentary is on TV you can also refer to it online here:
Congratulations to this and last year’s Marin County Youth Commission and a very special shout out to Kiely Hosmon as their ally, supporting them in making such a tremendous impact by raising awareness on a significant social justice issue in Marin.