YLI Program Manager Sher Moua is published in the Fresno Newspaper: Op-ed on Fresno’s housing crisis

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Take a moment to read, “Remembering the Summerset Village Apartments,” written by our Boys and Men of Color Program Manager Sher Moua and his colleague, Nu Vang. The article illustrates the unhealthy and highly unsafe living conditions Fresno’s Hmong residents endure and it advocates for their right to safe housing and justice.

Co-author Nu Vang states, “Many people wonder why the current tenants live in what some have called “Third World conditions” when they can choose to live in other areas of the city. But it’s not that simple. Living at the apartments is not just about housing; it’s about being close to your community and being connected to others who share your same experiences of resettlement and know how hard it is to assimilate to the American way of life. At the heart of this issue is that people have the right to live wherever they choose to live in Fresno, and that we all deserve to live in a safe home and a healthy city“.

In order to create #OneHealthyFresno with safe and affordable housing Sher notes: “It is because we love and respect our elders that we must speak on their behalf and continue to work with organizations like Fresno Building Healthy Communities, Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries and Fresno Center for New Americans to help create one healthy Fresno“.

The opinion piece was published in Fresno’s local newspaper, the Fresno Bee. You can read the full article HERE.