B.L.I.N.G. Just Used $30k to Fund 8 Projects: Check Them Out!

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B.L.I.N.G. uses $60,000 to fund youth-led projects during our Fall and Spring cycles. We are excited to announce our Spring grantees below!

Stay tuned for our 2016 Fall Grant Application releasing in September!

BEYONDSLAY: Young Women’s Healing Summit, a project of The Mayor’s Youth Employment & Education Program (MYEEP) and Females Against Violence
GOAL:Ā To allow young women the space to reclaim their voices, bodies and way they see themselves we will be holding a do it yourself healing summit. This will consist of workshops to provide the platform to discuss the issues plaguing young women and the ideals of beauty our society places on them, as well as the space to heal from damage already done through drumming, makeovers, and do it yourself activities focused on relaxation and beauty.

The Youth Vocal Mentorship Program, a project of The San Francisco Vocal Academy
GOAL:Ā In the midst of budget cuts, especially in music programs, it is the mission of the Youth Vocal Mentorship Program (YVMP) to give greater access to music education to the community. The program, starting in the fall, will pair middle school students with high school mentors for weekly music lessons to inspire youth and help them find their unique voice.

Thatā€™s Not Love Talent Show, a project of the Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreachā€™s Youth Advisory Council
GOAL:Ā To raise awareness of domestic violence and highlight

talent in the Asian/Pacific Islander community. This year’s show is geared toward spreading awareness about dating violence and putting an end to violence against women.

Justice League of Art, a project of Coleman Advocates Youth Making a ChangeĀ 
GOAL:Ā To create a youth-led, interactive, and educational art project. Participants use art expression as an outlet for healing from trauma and systematic oppression that deeply affects our community but, usually goes unaddressed.

Teen Hackathon, a project of WhoMentors.com, Inc.
GOAL:Ā Youth leaders participate in an afterschool and summer training program to plan, produce, and manage an event called Teen Hackathon, with the intention to increase high school graduation rates and address social justice issues like reduce juvenile delinquency. SFUSD pre-collegiate scholars are invited to watch and learn website and mobile application development and present their ideas to a panel of judges and possibly earn revenue for scholarships to defray costs associated with their college or university education pursuits.

A Frisco Kickback, a project of Lifeworks Youth Leaders at Horizons SF
GOAL:Ā Ā To teach our community non-harmful, fun and engaging techniques to relieve stress and to learn new coping mechanisms that helpĀ strengthen ourĀ communities’ physical wellness andĀ mental health. This year’s theme isĀ ā€œForget the Beef, whereā€™s the Peace?ā€, youth bringing peace and wellness to the community one kickback at a time.

Young Mothers United, a project of Center for Young

Womenā€™s Development
GOAL:Ā To create a safe and supportive community of young mothers and build their leadership, perseverance, and resiliency through weekly intensive workshops onĀ the topicsĀ of community advocacy, art and popular education, leadership, and organizing and movement work, while strengthening the network of young mothers in San Francisco.

Mentoring for Change, a project of Peer Resources Youth Council
GOAL:Ā To create mentoring programs to increase the academic performance and socioemotional development of African American and Latin@ students through 7 high schools and 4 middle schools in San Francisco.