Peace and Prosperity Beyond Compare

yli is My Story

When those bridges on Selma were crossed, it was a turning point for the battle for civil rights. To secure liberty for all regardless of the color of their skin. Dr. King was always at the spear, risking life and limb, so that everyone can have peace and prosperity beyond compare. Despite stalling, subversion and filibustering in the Senate and House, Dr. King and many others stood against all, fighting for every inch of freedom through hard fought battles and the infamous Bloody Sunday.

So many lives were lost all for the rights of all humans.  This loss included Dr. King’s own life when he was assassinated on April 4th, 1968. Days later, public outrage turned to riots in the streets, turning Dr. King into a martyr for future generations to come. Even now, his words echoes on foreign lands, printed and distributed to the disenfranchised. Just as Dr. King fought for the chants of equality, he proclaimed “Let freedom ring” and ring it did. His words of protest still linger on as one of the benchmarks for civil disobedience, a symbol of liberty and to fight for the people, come what may. King would always tell his supporters to keep fighting the good fight. And as the struggles continues, King’s spirit of action remains.



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