Getting from Point A to Point B: a reflection on transportation in the Bay

yli is My Story

My experience with public transportation is about average. The type of transportation that I take is Uber, bus, bike, and walking. Each method of transportation has its own value and problems. Overall, it’s all a way to get to your destination and back.

I’ve been taking public transportation for a long time and with every ride it will always be different. My experience with public transportation can differ depending on the time I enter the bus or Uber. I use the bus to go to school or farther distances without spending too much money.  I live in Daly City and take the bus to San Bruno and even though Uber is much faster than buses, Uber costs a lot more than a normal bus fare would cost but, all modes of transportation always had taken me from point A to point B.

Buses have a fixed schedule and they arrive on a certain time. It takes buses 15 minutes to arrive at a stop usually but there are times when the bus driver is late to your stop. With buses, you need to do more planning ahead and they take longer to arrive at your destination. Buses cost way less than a single Uber ride – a bus ride costs $1.10 for youth and $2.25 for adults. Buses, in some cases, have floors that are sticky, and everything is dirty. Since it is public service, people spill soda on the floor, or people have bad body odor.

There could be trash in the corners of the bus. We only assume that the buses are clean but they are not always clean. Depending where you live, you could either experience buses with crowds that fill the bus or crowds that barely fill the bus. With crowded buses, the bus tends to get really noisy and it’s not well-fitting for me. With buses crowded with youth, there can be conflict or they start to mess around. Buses also have a fixed schedule, so buses come at a certain time and it could take time for the bus to get to its next destination. When I get on the bus, I expect people to not be noisy. We all just need to get to our destination, and you don’t need to bring outside energy into a concealed area.

With Uber, it’s more expensive but it is much faster than a normal bus ride would be. The cost of an Uber fare can be $7 minimum to $15 maximum. Anyone can request an Uber ride and expect for a Uber to appear in less than 5 minutes. Uber is usually clean and there is not a whole lot of mess within the vehicle  With Uber rides, it is much more quiet than buses. Sometimes, the car can also be messy and unsanitary. People who can afford Uber can get places a lot faster, it will come on demand  and they don’t have to worry about time.

The modes of transportation that I like the most are biking and walking because they are both good for the body and they both allow you to see the scenery more. With biking and walking, it is really peaceful and quick. The problem with these modes of transportation is that, with incoming cars, bike lanes become more dangerous because there is not enough space for the cars and the bikes.

Public transportation is an important thing for people who can’t afford a car and it is important for the youth because it allows youth to travel to places without the need of a car. Taking the bus, biking, or walking is a cheaper alternative to Uber, but, like with all modes of transportation, it will take you to the place you want or need to be. All modes of transportation are different and will be a different experience for the person taking them.