Campaign Victories


Calafia Fellow ~ Long Beach, California

Ivan Manriquez was born on October 11 2001, making him a Libra with a Leo moon.

Though he was born in Long Beach, California, he moved to Fresno as a baby so everything he knows is from Fresno. He has one brother and one sister and their parents are Mexican immigrants. They love cats because they are chill and low maintenance. He is a senior this year so unfortunately COVID-19 has disrupted the end of his high school career, but he is excited to study political science next year and eventually go to law school. He hopes to focus on civil rights and immigration. Ivan loves TV and movies and throughout his teenage years his taste in music has evolved from Lorde and Fleetwood Mac to old r&b and reggaeton.

Ivan’s Social Justice Tagline:

No human is illegal matters to Ivan because of his family’s background as immigrants. The depiction in the media that immigrants are aliens and come to invade is very personal to him. Seeing Latinx families torn apart connects to him greatly because in Fresno there is still a dense population of undocumented immigrants, especially people he knows.


Calafia is yli’s statewide youth policy journal, which amplifies the narratives of young people on topics and issue areas important to them and their communities. Each year, a Calafia Fellow is selected from each of yli’s seven office to identify the issue’s theme and write the stories. Along the way, they are mentored by experienced reporters, travel to statewide and national media conferences, and learn the steps to producing a printed publication. 

Stay tuned for this year’s pub!