Turn Up the Volume: RACHEL LIVINAL

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Calafia Fellow ~ Merced, California

Rachel Livinal is a recent high school graduate living in Merced.

Growing up, she was very curious about life and other people, which might be the reason why she is so “open-minded.” She breaks social norms daily by being a dedicated weight trainer, despite being around so many males. 

Rachel’s Social Justice Tagline:

After joining the We’Ced Youth Media program, her passion for journalism soared. Journalism is like a lifestyle for her and therefore she plans to live her life as an empowering journalist. Rachel’s passion for journalism led her to admire the slogan “Turn Up the Volume.” “I believe many voices are underrepresented and should be uplifted,” says Rachel. Through her writing and podcasts, she brings awareness to issues surrounding social equality by bringing all sides of the story together. Let’s join Rachel and the many others, to uplift the stories of those whose voices are shut down!

Calafia is yli’s statewide youth policy journal, which amplifies the narratives of young people on topics and issue areas important to them and their communities. Each year, a Calafia Fellow is selected from each of yli’s seven office to identify the issue’s theme and write the stories. Along the way, they are mentored by experienced reporters, travel to statewide and national media conferences, and learn the steps to producing a printed publication. 

Stay tuned for this year’s pub!