Hilaire Lianne (they/them)

Hilaire (they/them) hails from New England, and has been living in California for the past few years. They gained their HR experience through a number of roles, including multi-store leadership across the Mid-Atlantic region, and 5+ years in nonprofit HR recruiting in Washington, DC.

Hilary entered the nonprofit world after experiencing burnout from years of corporate work, and they are passionate about working for an organization with a big focus on community and staff culture. They love connecting with yli staff, helping them understand their benefits and org policies, giving support for tough conversations, and being a resource for all staff to foster effective communication.

Outside of work, Hilary is an avid hobbyist who loves to learn new things. They enjoy embroidery, crochet, and fabric arts, lapidary and creating jewelry, sewing, photography and portraiture, thrifting, dyeing fabric, and collecting gems and minerals. They are a vegan who is passionate about animal welfare, and share their home with two rescued black cats.