Jen Ramos Eisen (they/siya)

Jen Ramos Eisen (they/siya) was born and raised in Merced to Filipino immigrants, but is also considered a New Jerseyan by friends despite never having lived there. They studied English, journalism, and economics at Mills College and were an editor at Mills’ student newspaper The Campanil, one of their proudest accomplishments in their academic career. They went on to earn a masters in journalism from University of Southern California and are currently a rural public policy graduate student at Oregon State University.

Jen joined We’Ced having come from working in journalism and sports, having a background of working at the Center for Investigative Reporting, SFist, and the San Jose Sharks. Despite this background, they knew their true calling was to work with youth, journalism, and using media as a means for narrative and policy change in their hometown.

In their free time, you can find Jen listening to copious amounts of punk/emo music, telling dad jokes, arguing with friends about the existence of Central Jersey, joking about crying in a Taco Bell drive thru lane, and unintentionally creating Flavortown holiday sweaters.