Jocy Ramirez (they/them)

Jocelyn Ramirez, better known as Jocy, is a yli alumni of both CAM and the HOPE Coalition. They are from San Jose, CA, and went to school at San Francisco State University, where they live now. They will receive their BA in Political Science with an emphasis in Race and Resistance Studies in 2024. 

From having family all over the Bay to Mexico, they are proud to serve their community and have been supporting youth of all ages for over 7 years in all kinds of settings.

All their odd jobs led them to this work: tutoring elementary schoolers, coaching soccer, Jumpstart administration, preschool assistant, recess coordinator, and behavioral technician. These jobs empowered them to continue to work with unrepresented youth in their community. 

Currently, Mx. Jocy is reworking how yli can show up for neurodivergent staff and youth participants in their Neurodivergent Staff and Youth Participant Project. They are excited to take on a very personal project that will impact yli in ways that haven’t been seen before!

Mx. Jocy loves soccer and played competitively for over 15 years; their favorite players are Ochoa, Sydney Leroux, and Giovanni Dos Santos. They are a Jenni Rivera stan and can spend all day outside reading queer love stories or hiking.

Most importantly, they are excited to work in communities representing their identity, as it has always been their dream.