Mary Muehlbach (they/her)

Mary was a military issue baby, born in Washington D.C. and lived the nomadic life in a military family. They majored in History and Journalism at Community College. After taking a class in Women’s Studies with Angela Davis at San Francisco State, they decided against finishing their B.A. and headed out to see what the world had to offer. They landed in a non-profit, and decided this was the right purpose to apply accounting skills. They spent the next 25 years providing accounting support to various San Francisco Bay Area nonprofits, and 15 years as Director of Finance. They were semi-retired, driving for Uber and Zum, then COVID closed everything down. They connected to yli through an outsourced accounting firm, and found yli’s mission and vision very much in alignment with their own social justice values.

Mary spends free time training and practicing applied shamanism. Currently, they are taking on a small number of clients as an apprentice. Their remaining free time is spent watching movies (mostly from the 20th century), historical dramas and anything with Anton Yelchin, reading biographies and history, and meditating. They are also part of a dream group.