Sher Moua

Sher is a proud Fresnan, having grown up in south Fresno. After going away for college at UC Berkeley and graduate school at Cal State Long Beach, he returned home in 2012.

Fresno is home to the largest Hmong community in California. Sher is fluent in Hmong, and he has a soft spot for Hmong elders. The years he worked as a healthcare advocate helping limited English proficient Hmong elders navigate the healthcare system remain deeply influential.

He’s just as passionate about working with and for young boys and men of color to effect just social and structural change in their community and to develop their leadership. This is what his job boils down to as the Fresno Boys and Men of Color Program Manager.

Sher draws on his family, particularly his partner, Kristina, and children, Juliet and Abigail, to sustain his work with youth at yli. His hobbies include chess, personal finance, investing, and sports.