Recommendations on Expanding Community-Based Policing in Fresno

What is this campaign about?

For the last few months, the City of Fresno has been engaging community in a so-called “open” process for appointing a new Chief of Police after Jerry Dyer – the deeply problematic current Chief – stepped down. The new Police Chief, Andy Hall, will serve as Acting Chief until Dyer officially retires, and will officially become Police Chief on October 16th.

Community members and young people were loud and clear in calling for a transparent and inclusive process to select our next police chief and called for a police chief who will commit to implementing a department-wide community policing philosophy, respect residents in every neighborhood and restore the department’s integrity. On Friday, August 23rd, Mayor Brand and his inner circle handpicked the chief they wanted.

How does it align with yli’s values?

Youth of color are most impacted by both crime and criminalization in the City of Fresno. The police department’s current policies and practices not only fail to deliver safety to our communities, they undermine public confidence through their treatment of our residents, especially our youth of color.

What is yli doing about it?

In response to this atrocious lack of transparency, yli has signed a letter, drafted by Fresno Building Healthy Communities, calling for a commitment to implement a community policing philosophy with authentic community engagement.

Who else supports this campaign?

Fresno Building Healthy Communities

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