SB 1230 – Equitable Incentives & Infrastructure for Clean Cars

What is this bill about?

Climate change is already beginning to interfere with multiple aspects of our everyday lives, especially for marginalized communities. SB 1230 will cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce toxic air pollution, bolster energy resilience, and support green jobs by promoting a faster and more equitable transition to clean cars in California.

How does it align with yli’s values?

Climate change is among the top concerns of youth today. Youth activists around the globe have sparked international movements, calling on world leaders to reduce green house gas emissions, and address impacts that are already beginning to affect the lives of the most vulnerable populations.

At yli, youth have identified Environmental Justice as one of their key issues, and youth leaders across our regions are working on local climate initiatives, like Transform Fresno, to address it.

What is yli doing about it?

We have just signed this letter of endorsement, and we are voicing our support on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Who else supports this request?

  • Dolores Huerta Foundation
  • Romero Institute
  • Let’s Green CA
  • Center for Biological Diversity
  • The Climate Center
  • Greenpeace
  • Youth Alliance
  • Extinction Rebellion – SF Bay Area
  • Green Latinos

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