College, Outreach and Learning (CORAL)

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CORAL provides the resources, guidance, and support to make youth’s higher education dreams a reality. Directly challenging education injustice in higher education, CORAL’s mission is to accommodate the individual needs of youth to bridge the gap of knowledge between historically disadvantaged communities and higher education in a material way. 

This includes college tours, panels of current and graduated college students and admissions counselors, and partnerships with affinity groups from universities and organizations that also aim for equitable access to higher education. 

Education injustice is intertwined with racial injustice, economic justice, gender and sexuality justice, and other socio-economically disadvantaged communities who face overwhelming barriers to higher education. 

The campaign advocates for Long Beach youth by supporting them through the college admission cycle, but also equipping them with multimedia tools to interrogate the structure where those barriers exist.

Interested in Joining?

The CORAL Fall 2022 cohort will be supported throughout the undergraduate college application process. This includes 1:1 help with FAFSA from a Financial Aid Officer, panels with current and graduated students, help with personal statements, and a meeting with an admissions counselor!